Dorje Drolö Stupa will contain Many Precious Items  

His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche instructed his heart disciples to leave the Chinese-occupied part of upper Pemaköd and to resettle in the South. Many of His Holiness's closest disciples came to the retreat land of Tulku Orgyen Phuntsok's previous incarnation, Togden Sithar, in Yoldong,. They brought with them many sacred objects such as thangkas with His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche's calligraphy and handwriting on the back, large woodblock-style printed Prajnaparamita Sutra pechas, statues, and other precious objects. Although most sacred objects are enshrined in the three story Zangdok Palri Temple, some of these objects are no longer useable due to decay over time and the effect of harsh elements, but they are too precious to just throw out. Such precious items and other sacred relics will be enshrined in this Dorje Drolö stupa.

Among others, this stupa will be mostly filled with 100,000- hundred thousand- Dorje Drolö tsa tsas and 100,000,000 -hundred millions- Dorje Drolo mantra.  Although hydrostone is not available in Pemaköd, beautiful rich clay is abundant, ans tsa tsas are being made out of this Pemaköd clay, using brass molds by the lamas of Deden Tashi Choeling temple.

In the future: This stupa will remain a very significant one in the heart of hidden land, from simple commemoration of Padmasambhava's enlightened activity in the hidden land to a great site to pay respect, do practice and, for some, to attain liberation through seeing for generations to come.
May All Beings Benefit.

Dorje Drolö Stupa in Pemaköd in 2015

In this sacred Hidden Land of Pemaköd, the great Guru Padmasambhava manifested in the form of Dorje Drolö and performed many enlightened activities. Building a Dorje Drolö stupa in this very place where Padmasambhava manifested as Dorje Drolö has great significance and will fulfill the aspiration of many masters and will be of great benefit for the world.
A Dorje Drolö stupa will be completed this year 2015 at the heart of the hidden land, Pemaköd.


The Significance of a Dorje Drolö Stupa in Pemaköd 

Most of the time when Guru Rinpoche subdued negative forces, he did so as Dorje Drolö, the most wrathful form of Guru Rinpoche. In the form of Dorje Drolö, Guru Rinpoche concealed treasure teachings (or "terma"), and entrusted oath-bound protectors or guardian spirits to guard the teachings for the benefit of beings at all times. Pemaköd is one main sacred place where most of these enlightened activities took place. Thus, Guru Rinpoche called Pemaköd the "King of all Hidden Lands," where he had concealed his blessings of all kind.

In degenerate times, Guru Rinpoche's blessings are very powerful. Dorje Drolö brings Guru Rinpoche's enlightened power to liberate beings to their utmost intensity. By constructing a Dorje Drolö stupa in Guru Rinpoche's Hidden Land, we are ensuring that the blessings are very swift, radiating in every direction, bringing peace and happiness in the world as well as protecting Pemaköd from all forms of degeneration.