The completion of this particular ongoing project is a priority right now.

Retreat Houses in Pemakod

Due to your generosity and prayers, together we brought the Deden Tashi Choeling Temple to its completion in the heart of Pemakod. Ever since then, we have witnessed the gatherings of sincere practitioners from near and far. Some simply visit to pay their respects to the Temple and its sacred objects, others even do a couple of months retreat on the land. Furthermore, because of the new road connection to the retreat land, the number of visiting practitioners has steadily increased.

At the this point in time, the practitioners on the land are in much need of retreat housing around the Temple – as has been the situation for quite sometime. Completion of two planned Retreat Houses will fulfill the needs of the following three principal groups of practitioners in Pemakod.

First, the need is for the Temple Resident Caretaker Lamas. Every three years, a new group of retreatants occupy all of the solitary retreat cabins (sometimes being housed two practitioners to one cabin). As a result, the Lamas, who have previously completed three-year retreat at the land, have been struggling without adequate places to reside around the Temple. These Lamas are the main caretakers of the Temple, and are in charge of day-to-day practices in the morning and evening, as well as maintenance and overall operation of the Temple. Not having a proper residence in which they can stay has been very inconvenient for quite awhile now. The Retreat Houses will solve this issue by providing them with basic functional housing.

Second is the need for the visiting practitioners. Over the last few years, tremendous strides have been made in construction of a road from Tuting to the retreat land. With this increased connectivity has come increased numbers of Pemakod devotees from India, Bhutan, Nepal and elsewhere, on pilgrimage to the Three Kaya holy sites. Many of the pilgrims wish to stop and do retreat which range from a few weeks to several months at any given time of year. The shortage of facilities near the Temple has challenged our ability to accommodate these sincere practitioners' heartfelt wish to do some retreat in Pemakod. The Retreat Houses will allow more practitioners to fulfill their deep aspirations in this regard.

Third is the need for visiting practitioners in winter time. Every year during the winter, Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche visits Pemakod for his own personal retreat and also to lead annual public events at the Temple. This tradition will continue for many years to come. Many sangha members from the West and elsewhere have expressed genuine interest in visiting and spending some time on retreat in this holy land. Over the past many years, small groups of sangha members have accompanied Tulku Rinpoche, despite the previous significant hardship of a long and arduous journey from Tuting (where the road ended) to the retreat land. Now, with the new construction of the road, the journey to the retreat land is a beautiful scenic drive of only several hours, making it far easier for more sangha to accompany Tulku Rinpoche to do practice in Pemakod.

The Envisioned Retreat Houses:
The two stand-alone Retreat House structures will each have eight retreatant rooms, three communal bathrooms, and a communal kitchen. Each retreatant room will have a small altar with all basic shrine necessities, a meditation seat, and a bed. Each communal bathroom and the kitchen will be equipped with all basic necessities.

Due to the immediate need for such a structure at the retreat land, this project will begin this winter.

Please help support us in bringing this project to swift completion for the sake of many who wish to practice Dharma in Pemakod. It is our aspiration that one day, you, too, will be able to visit and spend some time on retreat in the very place you helped bring to completion.

Also, let us know if you wish to make any contribution the practitioners who are currently in the three year retreat on the retreat land in Pemakod.

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