Senior Nurturing House

Senior Sangha in Pemakod

Seniors in Pemaköd face unprecedented challenges brought on by radical social change in this rapidly developing region. Younger generations in remote areas such as Pemaköd are moving to towns, where they have access to modern conveniences such as television, telephone, computers and the internet and so on. Particularly, those of the younger generation who have attended and received degrees from regular schools or universities are unwilling to work farms and have been leaving these remote areas in droves to build for themselves more comfortable lives in more developed towns and cities.

These young people’s parents and grandparents, however, have no interest in modernity; rather, they wish to remain where they have spent their entire lives. Also, the older generations hold the land in tremendous respect as being holy, and they recall their spiritual teachers directing them in their youth to never move from the land but to remain and continue their Dharma practice for the length of their lives. But as these elders become unable to work on farms as they have done in past, they have no choice but to move away, against their wishes, and follow their children to bustling towns or densely populated urban centers.

For these reasons, we are planning to build a Senior Nurturing House to enable these devoted elders of Pemaköd to remain and pursue their Dharma practice in this sacred land of Guru Padmasambhava.

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May all beings benefit!

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