Tsa Tsa House Preservation

The Tsa-Tsa House

Tsa Tsas are molded images of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas or stupas. For centuries, it has been a tradition of practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism to make tsa tsas for the accumulation of merit and purification of obscurations and negative karma or simply for the sake of all beings.

A number of wonderful practitioners of the past, some who were just visiting and others who spent whole their lives on the retreat land, made a great number of tsa tsas, perhaps numbering in the millions.

Many of these tsa tsas are deteriorating owing to the impact of years of harsh, wet conditions on the wooden structure in which they’re housed. Therefore, we are building a new, more stable structure that will protect these tsa tsas into the future.

Please help us to preserve these sacred tsa tsas, made by numerous practitioners of the past with great aspirations for the benefit of beings.

May All Beings Benefit.

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