Dear Sangha Members and Pemakod Project Supporters, 

With tremendous joy, I am writing to express to you my heartfelt thanks and to rejoice with you in our shared success and accomplishment in completing consecration of the Deden Tashi Choeling Temple in Padmasambhava’s King of the Hidden Lands, Pemakod.

This past January 19-21, 2013, Deden Tashi Choeling Temple – a long-envisioned Copper-Colored Mountain Zangdok Palri temple, the first ever of its kind in this part of the sacred hidden land – was consecrated.  Devoted people from many villages in Pemakod, and also from far away cities and countries, gathered to celebrate this completion.  We practiced a unique Guru Rinpoche sadhana from the Dudjom New Treasure cycle of teachings, recited one hundred million Vajra Guru mantras, and performed long-abandoned sacred dances -- of the eight manifestations of Padmasambhava as well as the great protector of Pemakod, Lhotsan Apho – all for the benefit of Pemakod and the world.  These three days were full of joy and devotion, with pure-hearted Dharma practice for the benefit of all beings, in one large mandala, and were permeated with a profound sense of great accomplishment and rejoicing after everyone’s hard work and collective efforts.

I began the sacred work of rebuilding the retreat land facilities and building this new temple with great honor in my heart, and buoyed by the aspirations of great masters of the past.  With everyone’s support and help, and working with one pure motivation, we brought forward Guru Rinpoche’s enlightened vision.  According to Padmasambhava, any virtuous deed undertaken in Pemaköd profoundly affects all of humanity and the world, especially in these degenerate times.  By accomplishing completion of this sacred temple in this exact location, in fulfillment of Guru Rinpoche’s prophecies and the aspirations of great masters of the past, I firmly believe that we have collectively made an excellent and lasting contribution to world peace.

This Temple will remain as a place where new generations can gather to practice together, to learn from each other, and as a place where all of those who sincerely aspire to practice holy Dharma in Pemakod can receive precious teachings and engage in pure practice in the same way as did great masters of the past.  Every year, in December, I will lead a Drupchod – a large retreat for the general public – and then afterward will facilitate solitary retreats for dedicated practitioners. I am confident that in the future, our Dharma practices and activities -- both in Pemaköd and elsewhere in the world -- will only continue to expand, building bridges between countries and cultures, and helping support sincere practitioners everywhere.

On this auspicious Saga Dawa Duchen, Full Moon Day, I call upon each of you to join me in rejoicing for the great merit we have gathered together, and in making aspirations that this Temple will remain as a source of great blessings for the welfare of all beings for generations to come.  Whatever role I have played in helping to forge, through this auspicious work, such a precious and meritorious connection for others — I dedicate the merit to all beings, for their tremendous good fortune to never be separated for a single moment from the blessings of our Lotus Born Guru, Padmasambhava. 

Tulku Orgyen P’huntsok