Khorlo Dratsang

Dharma Wheel

"Khorlo Dratsang" -- which can be translated as "Dharma Wheel Sangha" -- was the name of the tantrika sangha in Upper Pemakod. 

During the golden age of the Dudjom lineage in Pemakod, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, oversaw two sangha communities: (1) the tantrika sangha, called Khorlo Dratsang; and (2) the ordained sangha, called Gelong Dratsang.  One time when the great treasure revealer DragNgak Lingpa was visiting the sangha communities, His Holiness -- after much discussion of Guru Padmasambhava's prophecies -- asked the terton about the future of his two sangha communities.  After a brief meditation, the terton suddenly clapped his hands and said, "Pemakod became two parts!!  There were two birds floating on a vast lake in my vision.  The white one remained, while the other one flew off.  This means that the tantrika sangha will be very effective in upholding your precious lineage in the future!"

Later, His Holiness mentioned this prophecy quite frequently when discussing Pemakod, noting that the great terton's prophecies about Pemakod splitting into two parts, and about the effectiveness of his tantrika sangha, had all come to fruition.  The prophecy about the tantrika sangha upholding His Holiness's lineage didn't apply exclusively to Khorlo Dratsang.  However, there are profound blessings of these prophecies for Deden Tashi Choeling Temple, given that it is regarded as the second seat of the tantrika sangha in Lower Pemakod, India.  Today, under the guidance of Lama Rigdzin P'huntsok, this Temple and its activities are dedicated to the preservation of the Dudjom lineage.  It is my heartfelt aspiration that we continue to play an important role for the Dudjom lineage in this time and place.

With such aspirations, and as an indication of the purpose of this website, we have changed the name of our website from The Pemakod Project to Pemakod Dharma Wheel.